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SixTwelve becomes center of learning, creativity, sustainability and healthy SixTwelve becomes center of learning, creativity, sustainability and healthy living. SixTwelve, a new nonprofit community education center in the Paseo Arts District, opened in February after five years of work to rescue and restore the former ...
UnitedHealthcare Donates Sesame Street Reading Corners in Iowa Communities

- 4 days earlier @ UnitedHealthcare donated Sesame Street reading corners to 15 health centers throughout Iowa to encourage young children to read and learn more about healthy living.

5 apps for healthy living

- 4 days earlier @ If you are looking to change your diet and need help with some recipes...there's Healthy Recipes Free. Start planning healthier meals for a complete year with quick and easy recipes. Pick meals that suit your diet and making it part of your new ...

Grants available for healthy living choices

- 3 days earlier @ Bloomington's Division of Public Health will award grants of up to $22,000 to community groups and organizations that are interested in becoming a Healthy Living Hub. Healthy Living Hubs provide on-site opportunities for Bloomington, Edina and ...

Beaufort County ranked healthiest in the state

- 3 days earlier @ Beaufort County has claimed the top spot in the state for healthy living for the sixth straight year.



Expert advice on how to eat healthily on a budget

EATING a healthy balanced diet doesn’t have to be expensive.

Focus on healthy living options and staying younger at the Longevity Expo

Star News: MINNEAPOLIS, MINN.—Retired folk and persons considering retirement may want to take in the Longevity Expo, scheduled for April 18 at the Maple Grove Community Center. Speakers at the event, which runs from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. will cover a wide ranges of ...

3 Activities That Help You Love Your Body There's a lot of talk these days about improving body image, and that's a good thing! For too long, many of us have foregone a healthy relationship with our bodies in favor of punishing workouts and extreme diets, in order to meet our culture's insane ...

Sunrise Senior Living is a Proud Supporter of the American Heart Association

Sunrise Senior Living is proud to support the American Heart Association in its efforts to share valuable information with seniors and their families about ways to maintain heart health as we age.

Children show parents how to stay fit and healthy.

KEEPING fit and healthy is a family affair at a Westhoughton primary school.

These 5 Terrible Habits Are Costing You Sleep Below are a series of mild lifestyle changes the average person can implement to not only sleep more, but sleep better. ... (If you're already doing everything for a healthy night's sleep and still don't seem to be getting it, never hesitate to visit a ...

Healthy Living: Spotting Schizophrenia

9&10 News: Roughly three-million Americans suffer from schizophrenia - a mental disorder that can cause people to hear voices or have hallucinations. Currently, doctors diagnose the disorder in a very subjective way. But as we explain in Healthy Living - that ...


Infant Mortality


Meningitis Outbreak


Mental Health







Healthy Living A Choice to Make

Healthy Living A Choice to Make. March 29, 2015. The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register. Save | Comments (3) | Post a comment |. Ohio Valley residents have much in common - but how healthy we are differs enormously, according to an annual study.

Are superfoods really the way to healthy living?

“There's no scientific data to support the idea that one food in isolation can have a significant impact on our health,” explains McCabe. “It's the diet we eat over a long period that subtly influences our health – not eating a punnet of blueberries ...

Fair teaches kids, parents about healthy living

Duncan Banner: ... streamed into the Simmons Center gym Saturday morning for the fourth annual We Love Kid's health fair. The fair featured booths from several area organizations that want to see Duncan children get and stay healthy. The participating organizations ...

Grants available for healthy living choices

The Sun Current: Bloomington's Division of Public Health will award grants of up to $22,000 to community groups and organizations that are interested in becoming a Healthy Living Hub. Healthy Living Hubs provide on-site opportunities for Bloomington, Edina and ...

Healthy living on the agenda

A CELEBRATION of healthier and less stressful working lives has taken place in Middlesbrough.

Candice-Marie Fox claims she cured herself of thyroid cancer by eating PINEAPPLES

Candice-Marie Fox, 31, from Houghton Regis, Hertfordshire, turned to healthy living after learning she had thyroid cancer three years ago. She ditched her husband and took up yoga and juicing.

SASD health fair to be held Wednesday

COAL TOWNSHIP - Eat healthy, stay active, be positive - all messages to be delivered Wednesday during the Shamokin Area School District's health fair. The fair will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is open to the public. Twenty-plus vendors and community organizations will serve healthy snacks and drinks, and provide tips on healthy living and public safety. Contests will award prizes designed ...


Phillips County ranks near bottom in healthy living

Helena Daily World: Phillips County is the second least healthy place to live in the state of Arkansas, according to the sixth annual County Health Rankings released Wednesday by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

New study shows Richmond County ranks low in healthy living

New numbers show, when it comes to health Richmond County isn't measuring up. With four hospitals and a medical school in the heart of Augusta, Richmond County ranks 126 out of 159 Georgia Counties in a new health study.


8 Ways to Have the Best Morning Ever This is obvious, of course; eating a healthy breakfast has been linked to a whole slew of benefits. But when you eat breakfast matters, too. If you plan on working out in the morning, eat something 1-2 hours beforehand. If you aren't working out in the ...

The Ultimate Guide to Healthy, Vegan Sex Simply enter “vegan” in the search bar for a full list of verified vegan offerings. If you live near one of Good Vibrations' physical locations, their well-informed employees will go above and beyond to accommodate vegans who have questions while shopping.

5 Things I Wish Every Pet Owner Knew Obesity is arguably the No.1 p et health problem we see. Fat cats and pudgy pooches ... Sometimes it's hard for those of us who work with pets for a living to give pills to certain animals, even when we are working as a well-rehearsed team. If you are ...

Want to be 105? Check your genes

Genes, healthy living and good luck may all help get you to age 90. But if you want to live past 100, you had better hope you've got good genes, researchers said Thursday.On ongoing study of super-agers — people who live to be 105 or even older — shows that one of the best predictors of how they got to be so old is whether a brother or sister did.“It’s like winning the lottery,” said Dr.

How Many Diets Are There? | Margaret Marshall

A healthy lifestyle is never about perfection, it's always about practice. Repeating healthy habits in all settings is the practice needed. Diet only means the way you eat. If you eat healthy you have a healthy diet; if you are sick or ...


Healthy Living: Tips for Combating Spring Allergies

TWC News: "Spring allergy season is definitely upon us, the trees have been pollenating for weeks now a lot of people are suffering, although it is nice to be able to get out and about and enjoy the sunshine,” said Dr. Caroline Hobbs, a doctor at Adult ...

Want to Live to Be 105? Check Your Genes

Researchers find that more than 280 genes are involved in getting people to extreme old age — 105 and older.

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