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Army's Performance Triad Can Help You Reach Your Healthy Living Goals

DoD Live: By Col. Deydre S. Teyhen, DPT, PhD, OCS | System for Health and Performance Triad | Health and Wellness Directorate, G-3/5/7, Office of the Army Surgeon General. Armys-Performance-Triad-article-pg I have the awesome responsibility to help execute the ...
Free guide to healthy living for elderly in Burnham and Highbridge

- 6 days earlier @ OLDER people in Burnham and Highbridge are being encouraged to get a free guide to healthy living.

To the 'heart' of the matter

- 5 days earlier @ In a effort to give the message of heart-healthy living a fashion flair, Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto in Southaven Tuesday held its first "Fashionably Heart Healthy" event.

On the Road: Livewell Fitness Center Teaches Healthy Living

- 5 days earlier @ Angel says other factors like a busy lifestyle, work and personal stress, even the winter weather are all to blame for not sticking with your goals. Angel joins us 'On the Road' to share more about Livewell's facility, and how to stick to your goals ...

Wellness Pioneer Delos to Create Healthy Environments at Lake Nona

- 4 days earlier @ Today, Lake Nona announced a new collaboration with Delos®, the pioneer of Wellness Real Estate™, to bring wellness building and design initiatives to the 7,000-acre Lake Nona community to further enhance healthy living.



Oroeco Makes It Simple To Track Your Carbon Footprint We live in a consumerism world. Products are packaged up nicely into stores that fit our wants, interests and needs. Or, you can go online and get instant gratification without putting your pants on and leaving the house. Technology has made ...

Sunrise Senior Living Demonstrates How Healthy Meals Can Still Taste Great

Sautéed striped bass with quinoa tomato salad and minted lemon parsley vinaigrette. While a mouthful to say, it is also good to eat and one of the many tasty, nutritious meals enjo

Healthy Living: Hidden Sugars in Food

9&10 News: As Vanessa Welch reports, sugar can sneak up where it's least expected. Kaye Ann Taylor says if a product label lists sugar first, you will want to avoid it or limit your consumption since the product is mostly sugar. Mari G says after a few weeks of ...

Healthy living network slams MCC's decision to slash the price of a pie and

3AW: Spokesperson Dimity Gannon told Neil Mitchell on 3AW Mornings that sporting officials had "dropped the ball" on a chance to promote healthy habits. "Parents are just really disappointed that the AFL and MCC have missed an opportunity to really take the ...

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The Nova Scotia Community College in Truro is biting into healthy living. “The campus community of staff and students have identified that we want to build a healthy lifestyle, healthy choices, and enhance what we have now,” said...

The keys to living a healthier lifestyle One of the most common questions that we get asked is: what is the key to living longer? It's a simple question with a complex answer. Some of the factors to living a healthy, vibrant life are beyond our control—genetics, disease, etc…—but there are ...

Healthy snacks for a healthier life

WITH the rise of consciousness to live a healthy lifestyle, a number of health buffs from around the world have been in constant search for products that will support the kind of lifestyle that they have been embracing.