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The Unexpected Best Time of Day to Exercise If you're looking to lose weight or improve your health, you may be trying to do everything in your power to ensure your success: you eat right, sleep well, exercise daily. You may have even wondered whether exercising at a certain time of day could ...
Martin Luther King, Jr.: 'All Life is Interrelated.'

- 1 week earlier @ He was particularly adamant about environmental justice – that everyone has the right to clean air, water, and soil, as well as a right to live in healthy and nurturing natural environments. He believed that urban planning, parks and recreation ...

Want to get healthy? Get your partner involved

- 1 week earlier @ A secret to succeeding at weight loss or quitting smoking may be to get your partner to do it with you

Healthy young body equals healthy mind – study

- 1 week earlier @ New Zealand scientists have discovered regular exercise improves brain function even in young adults in the prime of life.

14 Timeless Rules to Keep You Sane

- 1 week earlier @ Advice for healthy living from 1927

Healthy Food


Healthy Living: Getting your cardio in is key to long term health

Having a good strong cardiovascular system (lungs, heart, and blood vessels) is important for long term health and most athletic performance. Making cardio a part of your normal routine can be extremely helpful for building that machinery. It will give ...

Weight Watchers offers 2, 000 free memberships to Michigan residents

In an effort to kick start healthy living, Michigan residents can get a jump on losing weight under a free promotion offered by Weight Watchers.

Review-Journal Aging Expo offers tips on healthy living

The event will cover financial planning and estate planning, healthy living and diseases such as Alzheimer's and diabetes. People can also hear from experts such as Las Vegas Fire and Rescue public education and information officer Tim Syzmanski.

Schools promote healthy living by making good food, exercise choices fun To drive home the importance of healthy living, Koslin read students the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, about a caterpillar that learns the value of healthy eating choices. "Why did he eat a leaf?" she asked students. "So his belly would stop ...


Wishing for a healthier heart is one thing but it’s another to identify helpful maintenance measures and stick to them. So how can the cardiac-conscious person engage (and keep) life-saving habits more fun than tedious?


Healthy eating of what some call “rabbit foods” can be as tasty as a burger and fries. For example, dark chocolate (in moderation) supplies the body with antioxidants. Red meat is not off the table either. The Mayo Clinic's website lists lean beef cuts ...

Hamilton school promotes healthy living

Appeal-Democrat: 15 at the school, launched the newly-named Center for Healthy Communities' efforts to introduce grade school students and their families in Glenn County to the importance of proper hydration and good nutrition. Students leaned about simple changes to ...


Bird Flu




Breast Cancer Awareness







The Dos and Don'ts of fitness and healthy living

Kawartha Media Group: Creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle is tricky. Finding the time in our hectic schedules to work out can seem near impossible, but by following a few of these tips even the busiest women can find the time and motivation to stay fit and healthy. Judy ...

UT Extension's Pathweighs to Health to teach healthy living

Jackson Sun: Healthy living is a lifelong commitment, said Amy Elizer, county director for the University of Tennessee Extension in Madison County. “Everyone wants to be healthy, but it's hard to figure out how to implement that into our lifestyles,” Elizer said ...

Healthy Living Linked To Having Good Eyesight

Youth Health Magzine: Having a healthy lifestyle can impact most of the body's systems. Living a healthy life can lead to good cardiovascular system, neurological integrity as well as over-all health. Now, evidence points out those healthy options can greatly impact one's ...

Way To Wellville Healthy Living Initiative Launches In Spartanburg Spartanburg is one of five communities selected for the challenge. The Health Initiative Coordinating Council, HICCup, announced the winners last fall. Residents were asked to help by filling out a survey to give input about healthy living in the ...

Customers Can Travel "Healthy + Happy" Through DFW Airport With Nutritious Dining Options and Healthy Living Amenities

DFW AIRPORT, Texas, Jan. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Passengers traveling through Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport can live "Healthy + Happy" in 2015 by taking advantage of more nutritious culinary options and healthy living amenities than ever before. The...

Healthy Living Focus of New External Scientific Advisory Council

The Consumer Goods Forum (the "CGF") today announced the creation of an independent External Scientific Advisory Council (the "Council"). The Council will be advising The Consumer Goods Forum's Health & Wellness Pillar. It will counsel on emerging issues and trends to inspire the CGF to accelerate achievement of the Health & Wellness Resolutions, Commitments and Positive Actions and to prepare ...

Del Monte® Promotes Healthy Living Through Sports by Sponsoring "The 30th GCC Club Cup Championship"

With the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports, Del Monte® announced today its title sponsorship of the 30th GCC Club Cup Championship. The tournament will include some of the region's top players and famous stars.


Asin takes to healthy living

Deccan Chronicle: Asin we hear has taken to a traditional, healthy way of life ever since she returned from her latest trip to Kerala. A source close to the actress told us that she is so happy with the results that she is strongly recommending it to all those on her ...

Fall in heart deaths 'due to healthy living, not statins'

Daily Mail: A massive fall in heart deaths is chiefly due to changes in diet and lifestyle – not drugs, a study says. Reductions in blood pressure and cholesterol saved more than 20,000 lives in England over seven years, but only a minority were tied to the use of ...

Bluntisham joins the march to healthy living

Bluntisham has now joined Huntingdon, Ramsey, St Ives, St Neots, Yaxley and Sawtry as places where people can benefit from organised regular exercise.


Alternative heart treatment featured at Knoxville Healthy Living Expo

WATE-TV: KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The annual Healthy Living Expo started Friday at the Knoxville Convention Center. New this year is a booth for a unique heart treatment called Enhanced External County Pulsation, or EECP. “It's always interesting to find out if there ...

Dodge Center hosts healthy living expo

DODGE CENTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Dodge County residents looking to learn about healthy choices received a breath of fresh air on Saturday at the Dodge Refreshed Healthy Living Expo.The expo, which took place at Triton High School this morning, is now in its second year. The event brought together companies and organizations in Dodge County that focus on living a healthy lifestyle.Many of the ...


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